Sunday, October 18, 2009

New novel coming out:The View from Rampart Street

Hi, Friends and Readers,
I'm happy to say that I will be having a new hard-cover novel on the bookshelves at Barnes and noble and other retail outlets, as well as and several other online venues by the end of December or the beginning of January. At this point, I am waiting for the Proof Book, which will be identical to the real book except no cover. I am to read through it for the final time and tell my publisher, Eloquent Books, if there are any errors. When I return it to them, it will only be 60 days before the book is on the bookshelves.It is called THE VIEW FROM RAMPART STREET, and it is a historical romance set in New Orleans in the 1840s. My heroine is one of many beautiful young Quadroon girls who are trained all their lives to be placees, permanent concubines to wealthy white Creole gentlemen. In return for their favors, they are given a house, generally on Rampart Street, furniture, and a life of luxury. But she detests placage and wishesto be an actress and live a moral life. She falls in love with a young Creole who also thinks she should marry. Her father has other plans for her, and the hero must save her from placage, first by fighting a life-threatening battle, then by pursuing her across the continent. If you liked NIGHT JASMINE, you'll love THE VIEW FROM RAMPART STREET. Love, Mary Lou


The Lurking Genealogist said...

I would like to contact you about the Schultis genealogy. I am trying to confirm that Franz Sales Schultis, son of George Schultis is related to the line from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Please contact.


Patrice Houck Schadt

Amber Vlangas said...

Hello Mary,
My name is Amber Vlangas and I am the Director of the Monumental Task Committee, Inc., a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to preserving the history of New Orleans through the repair, restoration, and ongoing maintenance of our treasured monuments. We are very interested in assisting with any efforts to bring awareness to Margaret Haughery's amazing life and to facilitate and/or join a large push to have her statue restored and maintained in perpetuity. I have seen the youtube video with Art Historian, Helen F.T. Anderson describing an assessment of the statue and the campaign to restore it. We also have a recent assessment of the piece on file as part of a city-wide plan to restore all of New Orlean's monuments. Do you know how I might get more information and get in contact with those individuals that are interested in seeing her statue restored? There are so many people that care about this issue and we would like to assist in making it a reality in any way we can, working with community groups and concerned citizens, as well as local foundations. I appreciate your time. Please contact me at or 888.534.3936.
Amber Vlangas
Monumental Task Committee, Inc.

Butchery on Bond Street said...

Dear Ms. Widmer - my name is Benjamin Feldman and I am an historian and author living and working in NYC. I am currently writing William Niblo's biography (my third book about a permanent resident of Brooklyn's magnificent Green-wood Cemetery, where I work as a volunteer archivist). I am curious whether you totally imagined the scene on page 325 of "The View from Rampart Street" that involves Mr. Niblo, or whether you have any information about his presence at any time in New Orleans (a city that I visit at least once a year and LOVE!). Please email me at
Best to you and congratulations on another job well done !

Edward said...

hi! I'm hoping this gets to you, since I've been unable to find an email address to contact you directly. My current book project is "Legendary Locals of New Orleans," and I'd like to include you in the arts/literature section. I need a hi-res photo of you, though, for print publication. If you've got a 300dpi version of your author portrait, or any other photo of you that you'd like to see in the book, I'd appreciate it if you could send it to me, or contact me ( so we can connect and I can get it. Thanks!