Friday, January 18, 2008

Mary Lou Widmer

This is my first entry into my new blog and I'd like all you readers out there to know that I a a New Orleans published writer, whose most popular book over the past 25 years has been NIGHT JASMINE. In 2006, when Hurricane Katrina flooded away my last 2500 copies, I was out of business. No, I am not a self-published autor. This love story was originally published by Dell, but when the first edition was sold out and local readers kept calling me and asking where they could get the book, I decided to invest my own money in reprinting it. I did this twice, and the book was still in demand. It was on the required reading list for seniors in six New Orleans high schools, and through those young ladies, word spread and the story became a local favorite. After Katrina, I had to wait until I was financially able to put it back on the market, but it is now available once again.


Janet Lococo said...

I'm waiting to get my copy at the SOLA meeting in March. Way to go, girl!

Nice blog!

Reid said...

This book was AMAZING. It kept me reading for 2 days straight. Spreading the word in NH. Thanks for writing it!

KATRN said...

I thoroughly enjoyed Night Jasmine passed to me by a Mount Carmel mother of 2. I read it in 3 days and passed it on to my grown dght who did the same. I love your writing style. You don't disappoint your readers.
Kathleen D