Friday, January 18, 2008

Mary Lou Widmer

Night Jasmine, a love story set in New Orleans in 1906-1920 ia the story of a first generation Italisn girl who flees the slums of New Orleans and becomes a domestic servant in the home of one of the city's most prestigious families. In time, both sons of this wealthy, aristocratic family, fall in love with her and are willing to abandon family and fortune to be at her side. The book can be purchased through for $14.20 plus postage or in retail outlets for a higher price. This book has been out of print snce 2006 when Hurricane Katrina flooded 2500 copies, but is once again available. Contact or It was on the required reading list of several girls high school for many years and became a local favorite. More news about the author to come.

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Elizabeth said...

We just read Night Jasmine for our book club (in Baton Rouge). We wondered about the note at the beginning that it was based in part on your mother-in-law's life. Can you share anything more?